ABOUT ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) offers a qualification that gives you choice  flexibility, and global career opportunities. We're the only professional accountancy body to offer option papers, so you choose what you study. With the ACCA letters after your name, you can work in any sector, in any company, anywhere in the world. If you are a university student with a head for business or if you Concept Note Page 10 of 84 The PADA Concept Note have ever considered a career in accountancy and finance here is a solution! You don't have to complete a business or accounting degree to pursue a career in accountancy by achieving the ACCA Qualification. However, if you have completed a degree that has finance contents, you could be exempted from some or even a maximum of nine exams from the ACCA Qualification leaving you the Professional level exams to complete and time to focus on gaining your practical experience. ACCA is the globally recognised body for professional accountants with over 162,000 members and 428,000 students in 173 countries. ACCA has 91 offices and centres globally all offering localised support. ACCA qualifications are based on international accounting standards making them globally relevant. ACCA's qualifications are benchmarked against education levels around the world. So by choosing ACCA, you choose qualifications that have been independently quality checked. ACCA is a professional accountancy qualification that benefits from global recognition. The holder of this qualification is known as Chartered Certified Accountant. It is very highly rated in the fields of banking, management and consulting, and is a major advantage in competing for senior roles. ACCA membership also enables you to obtain the status of a Registered Auditor. EXAMINATION ACCA Qualification is based around 14 papers divided into two levels i.e.

Fundamentals Level and Professionals Level.    

Fundamental Level is further sub-divided into two levels, Fundamentals Knowledge and Fundamentals Skills.

 Professional level is also sub-divided into two levels, Professional Essentials and Professional Options. Professional institute of business and finance and our faculty staff from diversified background and experiences will help you achieve the first milestone (Exams) with excellence. Our faculty members are qualified chartered accountants with profusion experience in teaching relevant subjects. 

ACCA Qualification

Fundamental Knowledge Fundamental Skill Professional Essentials Professional Options
F1 – Accountant in Business 

F4 – Corporate & Business Law

F5 – Performance Management 

P1 – Governance, Risk & Ethics P4 – Advance Financial Management   
F2 – Management Accounting  F6 – Taxation  P2 – Corporate Reporting

P6 – Advance Taxation

P5 - Advanced Performance Management

F3 – Financial Accounting    P3 – Business Analysis  P7 – Advance Audit and Assurance


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